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Basic Video Editing Adobe Premiere Pro 22

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Basic Video Editing Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 - Instructor Lead Online: Small classes that meet 2 hours a week. Premiere Pro 2022 is a video editing program. Get started with organizing your project by developing a video storyboard. Set up a project and import media. Master the essentials of video editing. Work with clips and markers. Add transitions and experience moderate editing techniques. This class will provide you with the basics to equip you for successful video editing.

Reference Guides included is course fee. Prerequisite: Comfortable with Windows 10 or Mac OS X, keyboard, and mouse.

Weekly sessions meet for 2 hours each. Recommended Total Class Time is 16 hours. Enroll for each week in attendance at $30 for each week. Enroll in week 1, and 1 week at a time. Learn and enroll in week 2 when you are ready to learn more. All sessions meet on Tuesday's from 4:30pm-6:30pm - CST and meet for 8 weeks: Total hours - 16 hours

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